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About Us:   Restore - Explore

We support you with professional coaching, training and counselling services to reach your goals.


EXPLORE POTENTIAL Int. L.L.C. (Oman, CR-1444846)

BURKHARD WILMERS COACHING (Germany, Steuernummer 33/148/16474)

DR. DAMARIS WILMERS COUNSELLING (Germany, Steuernummer 33/148/16547)

In our free time we love exploring wild wadis to find hidden wonders of creation,

as we love exploring the depth of human nature

to lift hidden treasures of beauty and strength

and to see them restored to their full potential.

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My Journey

Burkhard Wilmers​​

ACC (International Coaching Federation)

Certified Systemic Coach

Mental Fitness Coach (

M.Ed. - German 1st & 2nd State Exam (Maths, Physics, Computer Science)


The work I love: supporting individuals and groups to explore and grow their potential, passionately pursue their purpose and reach their goals.

Out of my 21 years of work experience leading groups and structuring self-directed learning processes I picked the most powerful parts to make them my main profession as a coach.

My last 13 years in the Middle East as a physics and maths lecturer in 3 universities/colleges in Oman and NGO project director in Yemen gave me a deep understanding of collaboration in international organisations, additionally to 8 years in Germany (teaching at high-school and university).


All my life I have been growing in intercultural communication, travelling 40 countries, working with kids, youth and adults, organizing and leading international retreats, and learning to speak Spanish and Arabic fluently.

My journey led me through political crisis, work in refugee camps as well as personal crisis. In all that I experienced the transforming power of forgiveness and a solution focus myself.

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Dr. Damaris Wilmers - Trauma Counselling in Oman

My Journey

Dr. Damaris Wilmers​​

Trauma therapist & Systemic counsellor,

Practitioner of Psychotherapy (State licenced, Germany)

EMDR therapist (EGTE)

Dr. phil. (Islamic and Arabic studies)

M.A. (Islamic studies and political sciences)


The work I love: coming alongside on your journey to restore connection to yourself, others and the world, providing a haven that is safe enough for you to explore with body, mind and soul who you were created to be, and find healing for the wounds of the past, in order to fully live the present and develop a hopeful vision of the future.

From early on in my life, I have been longing for a deep connection with the world and myself through understanding.  While spending the beginning of my professional life exploring the history of other cultures and worldviews with my mind, my own private journey of restoring the broken connection with myself and close others has lead me to see that there is more. For true connection, we need our mind, our soul and our body; for true understanding, we need the past and the present, we need a vision for the future. And we need others to come alongside on that journey. Hence, I made my longing my profession and have devoted myself to getting trained and licensed as a non-medical psychotherapist in Germany, as well as gather experience in both a clinical environment and private practice.

Years of research in the intellectual history of the Middle East, as well as 13 years of passionate life, deep friendship and dedicated work as a historian and translator in Oman and Yemen enable me to provide a respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental environment for individuals from various cultures.


I offer counselling and trauma therapy in Arabic, English and German.

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Burkhard Wilmers - Executive and Life Coach in Oman
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