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Coaching & Training
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Team Training

Intercultural Teams

In your international team a lot of energy is lost because of misunderstandings and conflicts? Then we recommend our hand-tailored trainings to enhance cultural awareness, sharpen communication skills and much more ...


"It was a very nice, intense and good time with you. Thank you for empathizing with us and our topics."

(A voice from the board of a German charity on a training)


"Burkhard Wilmers gave two training courses in 'Team Building' and 'Intercultural Communication' ... Both have provided us with great added value and have significantly improved our understanding of our team and our target group." (Ansgar Theune, Managing Director BIN e.V. Hamburg, Germany)


In unique events you make bonding experiences with your team to appreciate the gifts, skills and uniqueness of each other. A team filled with synergies will perform beyond expectation.



Life Coaching

Feeling stuck? Deep inside you know: "I can do much better and achieve more in life." We can help you understand and manage whatever life throws at you. We believe that you have what it takes not just to survive, but to truly thrive.


"Burkhard's intuitive insight combined with sound coaching methods were helpful in revealing root issues and dealing with them in a constructive manner. I also appreciated Burkhard's genuine interest and empathy throughout the coaching process." - Andreas G., International Entrepreneur

Education & Career
Training &

Even Learning can be fun - once you have found out your real passion. And when you pursue your career with purpose you will become an asset to your society!

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“Mr Burkhard engaged trainees, inspiring them in leadership and initiative. He was very attentive to trainee needs and used their feedback to customize sessions to best fit their needs.”
― Aisha E, Principal for Middle and High School

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Trauma Therapy

Has something happened to you that was too much, too fast or not enough for you to cope with? It happened in the past, yet, you keep reliving aspects of it as if it was not over. Or you are triggered by things you see, hear, feel or think and do not even know why?

Whatever happened, you need not stay trapped, neither in your past nor in your experiences...

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Systemic counselling

Do you long for a deeper connection with yourself and others? Do you struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem or sadness?

We believe that who you are is not defined by these...

What People Say About Us

Vision & Mission

We see individuals

and intercultural teams

restored to their full potential exploring growth opportunities successfully.

Our Mission

We support you with professional

excellency and passion to reach your goals.

About Us
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Dr. Damaris and Burkhard Wilmers

Through our fascination for the Arab World our independent journeys merged more than a decade ago to a shared adventure of exploring cultures, living in the Sultanate of Oman, and  coaching and training in Germany and the

Arab World.

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