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Psychometric Assessments

At the heart of effective leadership development and executive coaching lies the essential first step: a comprehensive psychometric assessment.


Our services offer tailored assessments for different leadership levels, providing invaluable insights that form the cornerstone of personalized development plans.

Typing on Laptop - Psychometric Assessment in Gulf Region
Table Leadership Behaviors - Psychomentric Assessment in Oman and Gulf Region
Table Leadership Behaviors - Psychomentric Assessment in Oman and Gulf Region

Tailored: 360-Degree
Leadership Assessment

At Explore Potential, we take leadership development to the next level by customizing 360-Degree Leadership Assessments to align perfectly with your organization's unique behavioral competencies.


Our assessments ensure comprehensive coverage, measuring 100% of your desired behaviors. This tailored approach not only provides invaluable insights but also enables you to monitor and track progress throughout your leadership development program, ensuring tangible results and growth.

(Required: 10+ participants)

BIP Summary.jpg

Business-focused Inventory of Personality (BIP, Hogrefe)

The 'Business-focused Inventory of Personality' by Hogrefe is the essential tool for understanding the unique personalities within your organization.

With its tailored focus on business contexts, this inventory provides in-depth insights into individuals' strengths, preferences, and potential areas for development, making it an invaluable asset for effective talent management and organizational success.

Its thorough scientific design leads to a high validity of the self-rating. And its focus on behavior at the work place makes it the ideal tool to assess these skills and develop them through coaching and training.

Sabateur Assessment Screenshot DETAIL.jpg

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Saboteur Assessment (

The 'Saboteur Assessment' by is your gateway to understanding and conquering the inner obstacles that hinder personal and professional growth.

Unveil the unique saboteurs (Judge, Hyper-Achiever, Avoider, Pleaser, Controller ...) that may be undermining your success, and gain insights into your internal thought patterns.

With this assessment, you can harness the power of Positive Intelligence to build resilience, conquer self-doubt, and enhance your leadership potential, creating a path towards lasting positive change in all aspects of your life.

(NERIS Type Explorer, free:

Elevate the impact of your MBTI assessment with personalized executive and leadership coaching, designed to transform self-awareness into effective leadership strategies and tangible results.

Incorporate the MBTI assessment within our 'Passionate Change Management Program' to gain a deeper understanding of individual personalities, enabling tailored change strategies and effective leadership in transformation initiatives.

Keyboard - MBTI Assessment in Oman

Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator (MBTI)

Explore the intricate world of personalities and enhance team dynamics with the MBTI assessment '16 Personalities' by Neris Type Explorer.

Business Culture Profile

Unlock the power of cultural intelligence with our "Business Culture Profile," a versatile tool designed for both self-assessment and group analysis.

This concise assessment draws from extensive intercultural research by renowned experts, such as Edward Hall, Geert Hofstede, and Erin Meyer, enabling you to gain a deep understanding of cultural dynamics within your organization, foster effective cross-cultural communication, and build a harmonious, high-performing workplace.

This assessment is also a very effective starting point for leadership coaching in an international environment. We offer it in English and Arabic as a powerful element of our intercultural training program:

BCP Assessment
Saboteur Assesssment
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