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Trauma Therapy

Has something happened to you and you are unable to forget? Perhaps something that was too much, too fast or not enough for you to cope with happened in the past. Yet, you keep reliving aspects of it as if it wasn't over. Maybe you are triggered by things you see, hear, feel or think and you don't even know why? However, you need not stay trapped, neither in the past nor in your experiences. Traumatic experiences are stored in the body, no matter whether it was a one time event or years of ongoing neglect, abuse or violence. This can shake our view of ourselves and the world around and leave us feeling overwhelmed, helpless and ashamed. Most of all, it disconnects us from ourselves and those around us. Among the most common symptoms of psychological traumatization are intruding thoughts, emotions and sensations, nightmared, avoidance of certain places, people, thoughts or sensations or constant feelings of being alert, stressed and unable to concentrate. Every client is unique, so I will make use of a number of evidence-based techniques according to your storz and needs. I will provide a safe haven and support you in integrating your past into your present to choose the path you want to take towards a hopeful future.


Systemic Counselling


Do you long for a deeper connection with yourself and others? Do you struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem or sadness? I believe that who you are is not defined by these... Systemic thinking sees people in their context: their personality and experiences, their family, workplace and society. Symptoms, as painful as they may be, are never simply dysfunctions to be gotten rid of, but solution attempts and thus guides to the sources of inner and outer relational challenges that contain in them the seeds of solution. In systemic counselling, we build a constructive and appreciative relationship to empower you to explore your unique resources and your relationship with yourself and the world to find alternative solutions to life´s challenge.



"In so many ways I can´t say thank you enough to Damaris who helped me overcome so many difficulties and was there for my every step of the way. Going into therapy as an individual struggling with social anxiety and dealing with the trauma of past relationships was incredibly intimidating. Yet, Damaris was able to create such a welcoming, comfortable, and judgement free space where I felt safe and proteced in my vulnerability. Her attention to design each session to specifically cater to each of my needs and goals made me feel so seen and heard. I can honestly say that I´ve walked away from this experience with so much of my identity restored and heart healed. I would highly recommend Damaris to anyone who is looking for an open-minded, knowledgeable and kind therapist, especially if it is your first time trying therapy - as it was mind. Once again a hug thank you."


Dr. Damaris Wilmers

The work I love: coming alongside on your journey to restore connection to yourself, others and the world, providing a haven that is safe enough for you to explore with body, mind and soul who you were created to be, and find healing for the wounds of the past, in order to fully live the present and develop a hopeful vision of the future.


From early on in my life, I have been longing for a deep connection with the world and myself through understanding.  While spending the beginning of my professional life exploring the history of other cultures and worldviews with my mind, my own private journey of restoring the broken connection with myself and close others has lead me to see that there is more. For true connection, we need our mind, our soul and our body; for true understanding, we need the past and the present, we need a vision for the future. And we need others to come alongside on that journey. Hence, I made my longing my profession and have devoted myself to getting trained and licensed as a non-medical psychotherapist in Germany, as well as gather experience in both a clinical environment and private practice.


Years of research in the intellectual history of the Middle East, as well as 13 years of passionate life, deep friendship and dedicated work as a historian and translator in Oman and Yemen enable me to provide a respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental environment for individuals from various cultures.


I offer counselling and trauma therapy in Arabic, English and German.

Dr. Damaris Wilmers - EMDR Trauma Counselling in Oman
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Trauma therapist and Systemic Counsellor

Practitioner of Psychotherapy (State licenced, Germany)

EMDR coach and therapist (EGTE),

Dr. phil. (Islamic and Arabic studies), 

M.A. (Islamic studies and Political sciences)

+968 9354 7986


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