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Powerful Team Development - Mental Fitness Program

"We were privileged to engage with Burkhard Wilmers on The PQ (Positive Intelligence) Program. We discovered a lot about ourselves and that sustainable change can be achieved when we intentionally and diligently build new habits. The PQ program was quite an experience towards nurturing a positive mindset but also transformational because we did it as a team. We showed up with our vulnerabilities and saw the knowledge, power and inspiration in ourselves and others. 

This isn’t just talk, this is neuroscience which requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. 

Thank you Coach Burkhard Wilmers for this exceptional experience and extending your time so generously over the last two months to us with much presence and passion to be impactful. We will definitely continue to work with you! 

Thanks a ton from all of us to you!"

Shatha Al Maskiry, Country MD, Oman

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Feb 04

Thank you so much Shatha Al Maskiry for this opportunity and the honor to continue working with you. It has been my privilege to see the evident results of you planting a leadership culture of empathy, trust, empowerment and decisiveness.

Thanks to all of you: Shatha Al MaskiryRaed Ali , MBA, SPHRi™Duha AwayesSima Abu TahaLamees Al Kindi, and Mahesh Sheshadri for engaging so passionately and personally in this Positive Intelligence Program. Meeting you at this deep level often made my day. 😀 

I am impressed by the personal and professional results of positive change that you have achieved! - Congratulations to all of you! 🌻

Burkhard Wilmers

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